A Little History

Hey there. I’m Carly Eiseman, a Los Angeles based creative focused on music, contemporary art, travel and food.  I love creating unique content experiences for culture brands, inspired by travel, ethnography and journalism. This is my personal sketch pad, mostly chronicling my adventures out in the world with my camera.

I presently work at Spotify, managing Creator research programs and ensuring the voice of the artist and their teams are heard as we build products for the creator community, like Spotify for Artists.  I’m personally a big advocate for user-centered product research and service design, because I come from the dual worlds of music and tech. At Spotify, I have spent the past few years building an ever growing user community that helps shape and  inform features that allow artist teams to easily and authentically express and market themselves.

Previously I ran influencer content marketing at Rdio, where I built a community of artists, labels, magazines and brands to encourage our users to be creative with streaming music.  If you ever saw projects like Richard Linklater’s 10 years of music from “Boyhood” or playlists in character from TV shows, those are the types of creative executions I partnered and championed.

Prior I was editor of Park Hyatt’s ARTPHAIRE, a digital magazine dedicated to global contemporary art and design, where I was lucky enough to interview the likes of Anne Pasternak, Tom Sachs, Daniel Libeskind, Kehinde Wiley, Vik Muniz and a slew of other artists, architects, designers and curators that just changed my life.  And prior to that I edited Starwood Hotels’ travel blog, theLobby.com, the first travel corporate blog dedicated to uncovering the world around their 900 hotel properties. During that time, I edited over 100 unique city guides, including a global cultural calendar and custom travel content for The Luxury Collection Hotels & Resorts, Starwood’s collection of one-of-a-kind properties around the world. (As you can tell, I like art, music and travel!) I am a storyteller at heart, always in search of a new medium.

An avid traveler and a long-time Californian, I studied cultural history and film at UCLA and the University of London before delving into the world of music and culture research and marketing.  So that’s a glimpse of who I am. Who are you reading? You can reach me via email at carlyogogo(at)gmail.com