Datart – Maja Bajevic – “Arts, Crafts and Facts”

I’ve been slowly reviewing all my favorite themes and pieces from this year’s Biennale – and Maja Bajevic’s “Arts, Crafts and Facts” is one series that I continue to ponder as I return to daily life.

Data, specifically the measuring of data, has become so prevalent in my line of content work. But in the process of needing data to prove content’s value, often the art can be lost. Must everything we create be something that is quantified? Isn’t there a place for work that is simply visceral, that needs time to be understood, that grows in meaning as it ages?

Bajevic’s series of charts and graphs woven into fabric are genuinely beautiful. Upon further inspection, they require time to understand the data inside of them, facts and patterns about the world’s economy including stock market and wage fluctuation that can affect our daily lives.

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