Miami Art Week Highlights #3: Go to PINTA

There are almost two dozen satellite fairs but my money is on PINTA and Untitled if you want to witness the most provocative and original work. 

Why? Because there’s just tons of great Latin American Art that we hardly see in mainstream venues in the US and the curators at Untitled are next level in terms of aesthetically sourcing provocative and visually dynamic contemporary art (even if they did turn down my VIP application-shame) 

PINTA was a joy this Thursday afternoon – lots of wandering space and I got schooled on some geometric Cuban heaven as well as got to see the impressive highlights from the Perez Collection. 

Just go and discover the colorful restraint that encompasses so much of contemporary Latin art. If you’re up to absorb dynamic things, you’ve come to the right place. 

Ed note: captions coming soon.   


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