Mobile shopping – literally 

Walking down Glendale Boulevard this morning, we were intrigued by the Beautiful Things LA bus:

Walked inside:

And discovered this shop on wheels:

Understated and well-thought out, the little shop on wheels was extremely charming and I had to restrain myself from filling my bag with minimal bracelets and ironic keychains. It made me think that the future of innovative shopping again is about design experience first. Small and well-curated can be beautiful.

We no longer want to be forced to go to malls to purchase the items we want in our lives, but rather we want the option of browsing in between grocery shopping and walking the dog on a warm Sunday morning.  Being able to experience a roving niche retail experience in your neighborhood is a winning way to spend a weekend morning.

Follow @BeautifulThings_LA on Instagram to find out where they’ll be parked next.

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