Bus Travel

On this day remembrance 2 years ago. Peru.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my trip to Peru the past few days as it’s the two year anniversary of the trip. During this time, I uploaded many photos to Facebook, snapshots without context of our often slow travels.

Stripey girl, as we referred to her, was one of my favorite characters of a bus trip. Both our buses were slowed on a road and I caught her eye as we sat across from each other on a road stuck in traffic. Her innocent, yet direct gaze immediately haunted me. She was like a character in an unwritten story. Just by looking into her eyes, I could begin to imagine tales.

Like many people, I use my camera to take notes. Often I take photos and then they fade into the abyss until they resurface. With Facebook’s latest feature “On This Day” this is now happening daily. What this has prompted me to do is to actually be confronted with the thought that I finally want to write about these lost notes.

So what next?

Let’s name Stripey Girl. Thinking Adriana, the name of the 3 month daughter of the dealership driver who took me home this morning after dropping off the car for repair.

Let’s place her. Where does she live? Where is she going? I believe I saw Adriana in the Amazon as we were taking a bus.

Where is she going?

Hmm, I think I need to get a coffee first.


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