Back to Snap 

I quit Snapchat in early spring. At the time I quit, I was basically making personal videos that were being watched by my muse. This had gone on for many months and ultimately, I found the process of creation distracting from reality. I wasn’t finding satisfaction in my muse. So like I’ve treated various addictions in my life, I went cold turkey.

I returned to Snap this morning because another muse was using it and I was curious to watch their content. In reflecting upon my lost secret content, I came across this image, scored to a few moments of “This Must Be The Place,” set in my regular hotel room. When you watch the archival snap, it’s a brutal 6 seconds.

I’ve never made anything quite like this on Instagram. I’ve never wanted to. In thinking about these lost pieces of private social, I remembered the thrill of creating something secret and real, somewhere between documentary and social.  Something truly raw.  I pressed record.


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