I’ve had a long-time fascination with taking photos inside of video games.

This may stem from the fact that I am not very good at playing video games, but I enjoy watching them, especially ones that replicate reality.

For a long time, I’ve had been intrigued by the GTA ecosystem, the ambient play of driving around worlds fast, listening to music, searching for plot. This seems like a metaphor for many years of my life, being a flaneur not just in the real world, but virtually too.

The newest GTA5 has a whole club subplot, it includes people I know, including my old friends Dixon and one of my favorite managers. The other day I found myself getting toured through the club my best friend built and on a rescue mission for the Black Madonna. I chuckled that the video game had finally replicated my real life of my youth: driving DJs to gigs. (Even though I never had to rescue them with a helicopter, I too have funny stories.)

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