First Scans

“Today” postcard. Acrylic on cardboard. 2022. 4×6.

I’m a writer that doesn’t like to rewrite and I’m also a painter that doesn’t like to archive. But rewriting and archiving are part of the process and eventually one has to toil in these actions to get to completion.

So here I am on a hot August evening organizing my thousands of painted postcards, moving them from sleeve to photo album, trying to forge themes and story while sweating from the heat. Until in one silent moment, I removed a postcard from its sleeve, walked over to the printer and turned it into a jpeg.

Otis, our cat, who is fascinated by our multi-functional printer/scanner, ran over to listen to the printer do its job and as he meowed, I realized there’s potentially more scanning to do.

So let’s start with a few days in June.

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