Insatiable Art – Kilduffs Bakery at Daniel Rolnik Gallery

Native Angelenos often confess they are obsessed with donuts. (Or at least I do). If you grew up anywhere near Hollywood in the 80s, donuts were a steady sweets currency. PAs should have been called PADs (procuring additional donuts) because everyone was always buying or eating donuts. At any meetings or events, there seemed to be at least 8 varieties of donuts on hand stuck to pepto-bismo pink bakery box.

As such, I have a sweet tooth for baked goods in fine art, and yes, I will always salivate over a Wayne Thiebaud, but the baked world is large and there’s always room for more interpretations.

Walking the miles around an art fair can make you very hungry, so I was very happy to encounter Daniel Rolnik’s conceptual booth at the LA Art Fair. The wonderful plein air painter John Kilduff had turned his eye from the city and media landscape to the kitchen, donned a baker’s cap and was creating delicious sweets for sale that made me wish I had stopped and pre-ate at Proof Bakery before my jaunt.  There were croissants and cakes and even an iced coffee on offer.

I laughed at the colorful art fair experiment and sunk into the temptation of Kilduff’s chocolate sprinkle donut.  It was the most expensive donut I couldn’t eat and I was sold. How often does one get to buy something sweet from an art fair and take it home right then and there?

I was tempted to stop and get a real chocolate sprinkle donut on my way back. But alas it was 7pm and there was more art to see…

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