Microcasting 2019

I travel a lot. In between all the places I’m on, there is a lot of time in between. I find this liminal space valuable because it’s where I often get my best ideas about creation.

I’ve spent all of 2018 listening to an album a day and painting along to the music. I’ve learned many things about myself during this project. But mainly 51 weeks in, I’ve discovered how much I enjoy creative discipline. It feels so good to end an awful year in human history with many new songs in my songbook and 500 corresponding pieces of art.

During all this meditative time, I’ve begun to wonder – what should I do in 2019? How can I craft a new creative practice? How can I tell better stories as after all I am a writer.

And then it just came to me. I would start microcasting. Microcasting is a word I’ve just made up although I’m sure it already exists. It’s a daily very short audio recording – a tiny podcast that is best experienced in serial form.

I imagine it to be like a collection of leaves.

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